Just another Manic Monday…

Natural hair baby! Heavy make up to suit a normal or Cosplay look.

It’s Monday and I’m already getting writer’s block. I thought I should finally start a blog entry otherwise I would never get this thing started! I thought I’d talk a little bit about my weekend so let’s just get straight into it *rolls up sleeves*


So on Saturday my friend and I had to attend two parties. One with a striking pair of hot sisters and the other my dude friend was having a costume party. I  chose to dress as Fionna (female version of Finn) from Adventure Time. What’s a girl to do with her outfit and change later at minimal inconvenience? Well luckily for me I had to try and piece my outfit together anyways. Last thing I wanted to do was have my blonde wig on and be harassed. Let’s face it… boys love blondes! They just have to see the back of a girl in a nice outfit and be like “Haw Roooooooooooooo” they don’t need to know until I turn around and they see the horror before them! Anyways, so back to the boat neck torqoise top – that was easily matched with a beige lace shorts and beige pair of heels. After a shower I scrunched up my roots with Sebastian Volumizing Hair mouse and blow dried my hair  upside down. That was followed by a spritz of the Matrix brand Design Pulse heat spray and curled my hair, letting it hang free and to the side *whipping hair back and forth* I didn’t have blue contacts so I improvised with some green contacts. Being as chinky eyed as you get sometimes can be used to your advantage like not having to have the exact colored contacts. “Are those blue contacts?” “Errr yeah… sure” *squints eyes* Oh and in case you can’t tell I am Asian. I bet your mind hole was just blown then. Just admit it 😛

So in the end I didn’t get to wear my costume for very long and when you jump from one place to another it just doesn’t feel like you’ve done much… especially when you’re sober. I was the designated driver for the night so no mishaps… or was there…? 😉 I guess highlight of my night would be getting hugged by a random. I kinda cringed. I was tempted to drop to the ground and play dead but then I thought I didn’t want him to steal my awesome hat. NO ONE STEALS MY HAT BUDDY! NO ONE.

Cosplaying Fionna from Adventure Time (Cartoon)


So before every party we “ladies” get the munchies. We practically tried everything (with reasonable budget) in the city and lately we have just been eating so much Korean food in the suburbs we agreed on something… well different for us anyways 😛 We decided to wing it and ended up at Bourke Street nearby Rainbow Karaoke. With two birthday parties to hit, it didn’t take long to decide on what to eat. I mean when you gotta be crunking the night away the last thing you want to do is eat something that you know is likely to be unsettling for you and have some major bowel movements. So where did we go? China Red. This restaurant is also known for their ordering system. Instead of your typical order from a booklet/leaflet they have a screen on the wall you can enter your order through/call for service/ask for the bill. I’ve heard some mixed reviews and was apprehensive to it all but you know what “you only live once” right?  Short and sweet version: the food was quite nice and service was good. We ordered the spicy won ton, xiao long bao and some rice wrap spring rolls. I was quite surprised but that may have been because my expectation was low. At the very least when I walk into a restaurant I expect average food. Not bland or terrible. The won ton was nice and soft with fresh filling sitting in sweet soy sauce with chilli oil and chilli flakes. The xiao long bao was the same. Delicate but not so delicate that it rips apart the moment you pick it up with your chopsticks and it was savoury with a hint of sweetness to it. If you’ve ever had a plain old savoury one you’ll know what I’m talking about. As for the spring rolls you normally can’t go wrong with them and this one was delicious. Crunchy and fresh and not too salty. The usual pitfalls that restaurants make is making springrolls overfilled with cheap ingredients or it can be too salty. Well you don’t have to take my word for it but my experience was pleasant. If I have to pedantic then the only thing I can pick out is the waiter didn’t pour my drink when they did it for my friend. Guess no special treatment for me… *sooks* but really was not much for me to complain. Price wise for some could be argued. For me, I thought was more expensive than your usual dumpling place which is about $10 or less for a dish but they do put abit more effort in terms of presentation and in service. Between my friend and I, it was $20 a person including our drinks. I think the equivalent would be Hu Tong and you could maybe get your meal for slightly cheaper. Usual price I spend on dinner is about $12 – $15 for me. Cheap Cheap!

Rice Paper Spring Rolls

Chilli Won Tons

Xiao Long Bao

China Red on Urbanspoon


So that kinda wraps up my weekend. Stay tuned for more adventures and crazy ramblings from me. You know you love it. Watch this space baby!

Reni ❤


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